Saints Who Born on land of Maharashtra

Saints of Maharashtra

Maharashtra is the Land of Saints. Many Saints born on this bhumi and create the history. here are discussion about some Saints who sacrifice there life for the society and humanity. saint has been continuously involved in awakening the masses and spreading spiritual teachings on this land. we can also call this land as “LAND OF GODS”. Many cities and Villages of Maharashtra are considered as the Holy Land. Shegaon, Shirdi, Nashik, Pandharpur, Ramtek and Many More are considered as the Holy places in Maharashtra. We will discuss about all saints and there origin and year of existence.

  • Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj: 


Dnyaneshwar was born in 1275  in Apegaon village on the bank of Godavari river near Paithan in Maharashtra. for more information you can visit:

  • Tukaram
  • Namdev
  • Sant Gora Kumbhar
  • Sant Rohidas
  • Samarth Ramdas
  • Sant Narhari Sonar
  • Chokhamela
  • Savta Mali
  • Bhakta Goma Bai
  • Sant Banka Mahar
  • Sant Bhagu
  • Sant Damaji Pant
  • Sant Janabai
  • Sant Kanhopatra
  • Sant Karmamelam
  • Sant Nirmala
  • Sant Sadna
  • Sant Sakhubai
  • Sant Satyakam Jabali
  • Sant Soyarabai
  • Sant Sena Nhavi
  • Sant Eknath

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