Maharashtra is the Land of festivals, here we celebrate many major festivals. We are updating you the list of  major festivals get celebrated by Maharastrians. These festivals belong to all Maharashtrians and not only the Brahmins. Maharashtrian Brahmins, primarily the Deshastha, Konkanastha, Daivadnya, Devrukhe and Karhade Brahmins, follow the Saka or the Hindu calendar.

Below information given Time of the Festival and Expected Month of the Festival.

Gudi Padwa 1st day of Chaitra March–April New Year One day
Chaitragaur 3rd day of Chaitra to 3rd day of Vaishakh March–May New Year One Month
Ram Navami 9th day of Chaitra March–April Rama One day
Narali Pournima Full moon day of Shravan July -August Varied One day
Mangala Gaur Any Tuesday in Shravan August Shiva One day
Janmashtami Ashtami in the dark half of Shravan August -September Krishna one day
Ganeshotsav 4th day of Bhaadrapada August–September Ganapati 1.5 to 10 days
Navaratri Chaitra and Ashvin March–April and September–October Durga Nine nights, ten days
Kojagiri Pournima Ashvin September–October Laxmi One night
Diwali Ashwin-Kartik October–November Varied Five to Six
Khandoba Festival/Champa Shashthi Margashirsh December Khandoba Six
Makar Sankranti Varies January 14 or 15 Varied One day
Maha Shivaratri Magha trayodashi January–February Shiva One day
Holi Falgun Full moon March Holika 1–2 days

Above information is taken from Wikipedia for more information and updated details you can visit Wikipedia.



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