Marathi calendar 2015 Review


In Maharashtra 5 calendars are very Famous and In demand, But out of four calendars only Kal Marathi is having biggest sell every year. here is a review of the Marathi Calender’s publish this year.

following four Calendars are very Famous in Maharashtra:

1)  Marathi Kal 2015 and Panchang

2) Mahalaxmi Calendar 2015

3) Bhagyoday Marathi Calendar

4)  Arogya Marathi Calendar

5) Swadista Marathi Calendar.

from above Calender’s selling for above Calendars are Like

1) Kal Marath 2015 = 70%

2) Mahalaxmi Calendar = 15%

3) Bhagyday Calendar = 8%

4) Arogya Calendar = 4%

5) Swadista Calendar = 3%

In this way above Calder sell in this year.

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