Marathi Aarti Sangrah Mobile APP

Marathi Aarti Sangrah

If you looking for Marthi Aartis here we are bringing the collection of all types of gods Aartis through our mobile App.

This App lists collection of all Marathi Aarti lyrics. Aartis are devotional songs which are sung to glorify Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

This App Consist of Collection Gods prayers.

Ganeshjichi Aarti | गणेशजींची आरती
Lord Shiva Aarti | शंकरजीची आरती
Lakshmichi Aarti | लक्ष्मीची आरती
Shri Ramachi Aarti | श्रीरामाची आरती
Vishnuchi Aarti | विष्णूची आरती
Shri Krishnachi Aarti | श्रीकृष्णाची आरती
Sainath Aarti | साईनाथ आरती
Vitthalachi Aarti | विठ्ठलाची आरती
Dattachi Aarti | दत्ताची आरती
Hanumanachi Aarti | हनुमानाची आरती
Gajananachi Aarti | गजाननाची आरती
Tulshichi Aarti | तुळशीची आरती
MangalaGauri Aarti | मंगळागौरी आरती
Durgadevichi Aarti | दुर्गादेवीची आरती
Tukaramanche Abhang | तुकारामांचे अभंग
Namdevanche Abhang | नामदेवांचे अभंग

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