Important Days in Marathi Year 2017.

Marathi Calendar 2017

2017 kalendar

In this blog we are updating the most important days of year 2017.

Mahashivratri is on 24th February 2017 [Friday]

Holi is on 12th March 2017 [Sunday]

Dhuliwandan 13th March 2017 [Monday]

Gudipadwa is on 28th March 2017 [Tuesday]

Ashadhi Ekadashi is on 4th July 2017 [Tuesday]

Shri Krishna Jayanti is on 14th August 2017 [Monday]

GopalKala is on 15th August 2017 [Tuesday]

Shri Ganesh Chaturthi is on 25th August 2017 [Friday]

Vijayadashmi is on 30th September 2017 [Saturday]

Balipratipda is on  20th October 2017 [Friday]

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