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Nag Panchami August 2021

August 13

Nag Panchami is celebrated on the fifth date of the bright half of the Sawan month. As per astrology, Lord of the fifth Hindu date is a snake. On this day, snakes are worshiped prominently.

Nag Panchami Muhurat

1.  Naga Vrat is observed on the Shravana Shukla Panchami (fifth day of the bright half of Shravan month).
2.  If Panchami is prevailing for less than 3 Muhurats on its Tithi and Chaturthi is also less than 3 Muhurats on the previous day, Vrat must be observed on Chaturthi.
3.  It is also believed that if Chaturthi prevails for more than 3 Muhurats and then Panchami begins with the ending after the 2 Muhurats of the next day, the fast can be observed on the next day only.

Nag Panchami Fast & Puja Vidhi

1.  8 snakes are considered as the deities of this festival. So, they are worshiped on this day. Their names are Anant, Vasuki, Padma, Mahapadma, Takshak, Kuleer, Karkata, and Shankha.
2.  Take one meal on Chaturthi and keep a fast on the next day i.e. Panchami. Dinner can be taken on Panchami after closing the fast.
3.  For Puja, place the image or earthen idol of a snake on the wooden stool.
4.  Offer turmeric, vermillion, rice, and flowers on Nag Devta.
5.  After that, present the mixture of raw milk, Ghee, sugar to the Nag Devta posited over the stool.
6.  Once the Puja Procedure is over, perform the Aarti of Snake God.
7.  You may also give donations to a snake charmer and offer that milk mix to a snake.
8.  At the end, the worshipper must listen to the Nag Panchami Katha.


August 13
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