10 Most Controversial Gurus Of India

Controversial Gurus Of India

India Is country of saints and Gurus. This holy land consist of history and gods. India is cultured and historic country where we believe in god. India has many gurus and saints in past like Sant Dhyaneshwar Maharaj, Sant Tukaram Maharaj, Sant Vitthal and Sant Tukdoji maharaj.

As the world changing the definition of the Gurus also Changing. Now in India many gurus are having Controversial Charges. In this post we are wring about many Controversial Gurus in India who having Some Controversial Stories and Charges.

Asaram Bapu :

asaram bapu

He was in charges for the  death of 2 boys studying in his ashram. Mutilated bodies were recovered from the riverbed near his ashram gurukul. Variou allegations of black magic doing the rounds, the city saw massive protests and demands of a CBI probe.  his popularity graph dipped as sordid tales of the guru’s alleged sexual exploitation of female devotees started doing the rounds. Currently He is Jail and Court refuse to give him Bail. He was one of the Famous Guru who Has many Ashrams all over the world with Million Dollar Property in his name. Now all property sealed by the Government.

NithyanandaSwami :

NityanandswamiHe was famous Godman of India and now stuck in various Sexual Activities. Many video available on Youtube which proves that he was Involved in the such Activities. Nithyananda Swami landed in a storm after a news channel telecast video footage purportedly showing him in a sex romp with an actress. Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal The 69th Shankaracharya of the Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal, was arrested in November 2004 and charged with being a conspirator in the murder of a temple manager, Sankararaman. Now he is also in Jail.

Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan:


He is film star and Godman. He Publish Music and Flop Movies which shows or based on His work. The head of the Dera Sacha Sauda sect has two murder charges against him, for killing journalist Ram Chander Chatrapati in 2001 and sect manager Ranjit Singh in July 2002. He has also been accused by a woman for raping her and two others in 2002.

Nirmal Baba:

Nirmal Baba

Three cases have been filed against controversial godman, Nirmaljeet Singh Narula in Uttar Pradesh for alleged fraud and cheating, police said on Tuesday. Many Say he is Fraud Baba or Many says he is Real.

Radhe Maa :


She is Less God Person but More Stylish Women. Radhe Maa Stuck in Controversies when she wear Small Skirt and Upload Video on Youtube. Radhe Maa, who calls herself a godwoman, has grabbed national attention with an array of controversies and eye-catching pictures on social media.  Online videos show Radhe Maa, who has studied till Class 10, dancing to Bollywood songs. She is also pictured in western clothes, notably a red mini-skirt. She Has Mostly Bollywood Stars Following Fans.

Sant Rampal :


On 18 November 2004, the Haryana police found the bodies of five women and an 18-month-old child at his Satlok ashram in Hisar where they had gone to arrest him in regard to another case. We dont know Much more about this Baba Thats why we are not writing Much About Him.

Swami Agnivesh:


A former member of legislative assembly from Haryana, Swami Agnivesh is a social activist and an arya samaj scholar. Including corruption, to create awareness on other social issues, he even spent three days in Bigg Boss house as a guest. He even joined Anna Hazare Team in the anti-corruption protest in August 2011. He stuck in controversy when Anna Hazare was on Anshan and He Was Planning break his Anshan. He has Mainly Political Background.



Rajneesh Also known as Osho, He is most famous open minded Baba. he is one of the most controversial spiritual leaders of the country. With his open attitude towards sexuality, he was given the nickname of Sex guru. He has many controversial activities for promoting sexuality.

Swami Premananda:


Escaping the civil war in Sri Lanka, Swami Premananda moved to India in 1984 and set up an ashram for women and orphans in Tiruchirappalli. But in 1994, Arul Jyothi, a young girl who escaped from the ashram, reported that she was pregnant after being raped repeatedly by the Godman.

Most Babas involved in the Sexual, Murder or Criminal Activities. Now we need to take the decision who is right and who is wrong. please follow the right person and right activities. Most babas not even looks like babas. We should not get cheated with any wrong person and follow him or she blindly.

Above Data Taken from many blog and there research and New Papers for more information you can check below reference source.





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