Need MARATHI distribution Calendar for year 2018.

Marathi Calendar and Horoscope QuestionsCategory: QuestionsNeed MARATHI distribution Calendar for year 2018.
Ganraj Patil asked 1 year ago

Hello friends i google for calendar for year 2018.  i need the comprehensive calendar for the distribution in newjersey marathi community. some one suggest me kal…….y is best but not sure about the printing. also we want our branding.
can you please suggest us any distributers for marathi calendar so we can get printed here and distribute the calender’s here.

Ganraj Patil
New Jersey.

1 Answers
Marathi Calendars Staff answered 1 year ago

Hello Ganraj Patil,
Thanks for contacting Marathi Unlimited.
Here we would like to suggest you local printer
you can contact them for the printing related issues you have.