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बाळ गंगाधर टिळक (1856-1920) , भारतीय स्वातंत्र्य चळवळ पहिल्या लोकप्रिय नेते होते शहीद , विचारवंत, समाजसुधारक आणि स्वातंत्र्य सैनिक होते . ब्रिटिश वसाहती अधिकारी बदनाम भारतीय असंतोषाचे जनक ‘ म्हणून महान नेते म्हणतात. तो लोकमान्य , शब्दशः ” लोक स्वीकारले ( नेता म्हणून) ” याचा अर्थ मानद पदवी यावर प्रदान करण्यात आला. टिळक भारतीय देहभान […]

Download Chanakya Neeti. चाणक्य नीति ईबुक मुफ्त डाउनलोड करें .

Chanakya Neeti

Click Here To Download Chanakya Neeti Hindi Ebook  for Free !  Chanakya was a great leader of ancient India. get the detailed information about chanakya and his thoughts. Chanakya Niti Shastra book Pdf Chanakya was the Great Leader in India. Chanakya was an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. He is traditionally identified as […]


10th May 2016 Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima during Vaishakha month is celebrated as birth anniversary of Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha whose birth name was Siddhartha Gautama was a spiritual teacher on whose teachings Buddhism was founded. It is believed that Gautama Buddha obtained Enlightenment and passed away on the same day. Buddha Purnima is also known as Buddha Jayanti, Vesak, Vaishaka […]

2016 Marathi Calendar Download New Updates

KalMarathi 2016

This one more update for the users of the Marathi calendars. We provide you updates on the day by day horoscopes and your daily activities. This year is great year for Intense Efforts and Shining Success. You will get what you want to active this year. For many people this year brings foreign trips and […]

Marathi 2016 Calendar Day and Dates


Marathi Calendar 2016 Calendar Day and Dates, Check out the special days and dates of the year 2016. all above information taken according to the Marathi Calendar Calendar. Check out the special Days and Holidays of year 2016. Marathi Calendar 2016 January 15  January  – Friday – makarsankrant 26 January –  Tuesday – Republic day Marathi Calendar February […]

Marathi Calendar 2016 Pdf Download


Marathi Calendar 2016 is best searching calendar of the world. We post is every year in October 2015 month with millions of soft copies. In Indian and Other countries like USA, UK, Canada this Marathi Calendar site is most demanding calendar of Indian Users. You Can get this calender’s from Marathi calendar 2016 Here you can download computer […]

Marathi calendar 2015 Review


In Maharashtra 5 calendars are very Famous and In demand, But out of four calendars only Kal Marathi is having biggest sell every year. here is a review of the Marathi Calender’s publish this year. following four Calendars are very Famous in Maharashtra: 1)  Marathi Kal 2015 and Panchang 2) Mahalaxmi Calendar 2015 3) Bhagyoday […]

Features of Hindu Marathi Calendar 2015


In Maharashtra the only calendar people use is called as Kalnirnay, Kalnirnay is the only colander which we can see on the walls of every home. With this Hindu Kalnirnay calendar we can obtain every information about Horoscopes. The information available on this Kalnirnay is 100% accurate and with scientific reason. We have many benefits […]

Marathi Calendar 2015 Pdf Free Download


In Maharashtra every one want free Marathi calendar when new year is about to begin.  But only few resources give you what you want from online. Here we are preparing for your need. We all know Marathi Calendar 2015 will bring soothing new for you. Hoping for the best in this year. Every year comes and […]